Visa® Checkcard

Visa® CheckCard

Debit cards have revolutionized banking, making it easier than ever to make purchases and obtain cash. Use your Visa® CheckCard wherever Visa® is accepted. Purchases are deducted directly from your checking account, without all the check-writing and ID-verification hassles. Your debit card also doubles as an ATM card. This enables you to withdraw cash, transfer funds or simply check your account balance whenever you like.


To activate your card or setup/change PIN call 800-992-3808.


If your Visa® CheckCard is lost or stolen, please call 800-472-3272.


Your Visa Debit check card is an easy and secure way to make purchases right from your checking account. Just remember to sign for your purchases to enjoy these great benefits:


Safer than cash, protection against fraud and track your spending…..


Using your Community First Visa Debit card is faster than writing checks, and safer than carrying extra cash. Just swipe your card, press “Cancel” at the keypad and select “Credit” and sign for your purchases. When you select “Credit” your card is protected by multiple layers of security, including Visa’s Zero Liability Policy and you will not be responsible for unauthorized purchases. You will receive a receipt and the transaction will be listed on your monthly statement for easy record keeping.